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Thoughts on Another Historic Wedding Day

DC Wedding Day HRC 029Arriving at work was different today; three weddings took place there. Today marks the first day of marriage equality in our nation’s capital, making Washington DC the sixth American jurisdiction to currently allow gay and lesbian couples to marry (MA, CT, IA, VT, NH are the others). While every wedding is filled with joy and other emotions, the first day of marriage equality is always special.  As the freedom to marry movement continues to grow, more tears of joy, more vows of love and commitment, and more security for more families is realized. I consider myself lucky to have been in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, California, and now D.C, when marriage was made legal.  While each of these states is unique, the wondrous human joy that is shared by all at a wedding is the same.  So simple and profound,  I am so proud to stand on the side of love.

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