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This Monday in South Carolina: Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Robert George

This Monday, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry will join National Organization for Marriage (NOM) Chairman Emeritus Robert George for a GOP presidential hopeful forum in South Carolina.  George’s conservative American Principles Project is sponsoring the forum, which will feature candidates appearing on stage one at a time to field questions submitted and posed by a three-person panel. In addition to George, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Representative Steve King (R-IA) will serve as panelists.

In short, this is shaping up to be a gathering of some of the right’s more extreme anti-gay voices.

The American Principles Project kicked off last years CPAC boycott over the inclusion of GOProud. George himself has quite the anti-gay track record. You can check out his full wrap over on NOM Exposed, but a sampling includes his labeling of “homosexual acts” as “not ethically permitted.” He also penned federal anti-marriage equality amendments in 2001 and 2004 and is the author of the Manhattan Declaration, which blasts not just same-sex marriage, but civil unions or any relationship recognition measures.

According to a press statement, the event: “won’t be a mainstream media debate filled with “gotcha” questions and 5-second sound bites. Instead, it’s an opportunity for the candidates to outline their positions on the key issues and to respond to real questions.”

Questions from Sen. DeMint, Rep. King and George and fielded by Bachmann and Perry will likely yield some interesting answers. HRC has been tracking Bachmann and Perry’s activities closely. Bachmann recently said she ascribes “honor and dignity to every person, no matter what their background. They have honor and they have dignity,” when asked about remarks she made likening homosexuality to Satan. For his part, Rick Perry has come under fire for waffling on states’ rights as they relate to marriage equality – ultimately diverging from his staunchly documented states’ rights position in favor of a federal marriage amendment.

We’ll have more on the debate early next week. HRC also has a fact sheet documenting Rick Perry’s long-standing anti-equality positions. For the latest on what actions you can take, visit And for more on Robert George and his associates at NOM, check out


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