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The World According to NOM: Maryland Marriage Equality “Meaningless”

The following post comes from Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper:

It's not an overstatement to say that without the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), there would've been no Prop 8, and that without Prop 8, there would've been no NOM. As you may or may not know, NOM built its entire identity off the back of Proposition 8. Maggie Gallagher talks at length about how that ballot campaign took root (on Christmas Eve 2007), how NOM sent Brian Brown to live in CA to get the thing on the ballot and eventually passed, how the organization knew it was the make or break campaign off which to launch their national operation, and how most of the alliances and groundwork that is NOM circa 2012 traces a root back to California circa 2008.

The war on reality continues present day in Maryland, where Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley signed the state's civil marriage bill into law last week. Although NOM is championing a referendum on the matter (through a local vehicle called the Maryland Marriage Alliance) presumably because they see the marriage law as both meaningful and symbolic of our future, NOM prez Brian Brown told readers this week that the MD action was nothing but a "meaningless, symbolic act."

Brian tried to discredit the historic development because he's determined to convince America that legislatures don't matter (unless they're passing an anti-gay amendment), Governor pen strokes don't matter (unless they come from Chris Christie while vetoing a passed bill), and courts certainly don't matter (they're actually pretty consistent on that one). To NOM, the only thing that apparently matters in this representative, constitutional America of ours is what "the people" have to say in a direct ballot type of situation. How the citizens voted in the elections that chose the Maryland legislators and the state's Governor? Pish posh. Until "THE PEOPLE™" have had a chance to let their largely faith-motivated opinions known, everything else is "meaningless." Take that, government process!

Forget gays. At this point, it just might be civics teachers who are most annoyed with NOM's aggressive view!

Check out the full piece over at Good As You. Read more about NOM over at NOM Exposed.

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