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The Vote is On in North Carolina

north carolina volunteersToday, North Carolina voters are going to the polls to decide the fate of thousands of unmarried families, their children and women who may lose domestic violence protections if Amendment One passes.  Will they vote to harm children?  Will they vote to take away the healthcare benefits of gay and lesbian and straight partners who work for municipal governments?  Or, will the majority of North Carolinians rise up and vote for protection for all our families, turning the tide of these attacks on our community?  As the Southern Regional Field Director for HRC, I would love for a Southern state to be the one that finally says no to these hateful amendments.

I was out canvassing the neighborhoods around Durham all day yesterday.  I spoke with dozens of voters, most of whom were our supporters.  They are going to the polls today with a vengeance to vote against Amendment One.  The lawns in the neighborhoods I canvassed were dotted with yard signs in opposition.  My favorite was:  Another Baptist Family Voting Against Amendment One.  One house had a window full of signs opposing Amendment One clearly drawn by the children who resided there.  Another voter, a lesbian, asked for extra doorhangers from me so she could talk to all of her neighbors to ask them to respect her and vote against the amendment.

voting against amendment oneThe best encounter I had was with a woman who drove up as I was leaving a doorhanger on her door.  I asked her if she was going to be voting against Amendment One and she shot back angrily, “I don’t tell anyone how I vote.”  After a brief pause she then said, “But you know, I don’t think the government should get involved in people’s private lives.  I don’t think that’s right.  People should be able to live like they want and have the same rights and protections.” 

Amen, sister. 

North Carolina, we are counting on fair-minded voters to turn the tide of history, to finally say no to bigotry and hate and fear.  Today, I hope, is the day.

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