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The Time is NOW for Equal Rights in Hawaii

Senate Vote chamber2

After an effort that has spanned the past two years and an equality movement in the state that has endured for decades, the Hawaii State Senate is poised to make history today and pass HB 444, the state Civil Unions bill.  Hawaii was on the frontlines in the early 1990’s when advocates pushed the courts to grant equal marriage rights, only to see their efforts pushed aside in 1998 with an anti-equality marriage amendment to the state constitution. Senate Vote chamber1Now, with the Senate gallery filled to capacity with proponents on both sides, Senators are beginning to make their way into the chamber.  We still do not know exactly what will transpire, but one of our wavering Senators committed to us this morning that he will indeed support the bill. The hours this week have been long and the work sometimes grueling, but the time Adrian and I have put in on this effort is nothing compared to that of the many volunteers who have been working tirelessly day in and day out for the past two years.  For all their work, we thank each and every one of them. The next post from me will be immediately following the senate vote, so check back soon to see how it all comes out! Mahalo

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