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The Proudest Queen of Purim

The following blog post comes from Hannah Henschel, HRC Jewish Organization Equality Index Intern:

Purim, one of the most joyous Jewish holidays that arrives in the first week of March every year, roots from the turmoil of the Jewish people in Persia told in the biblical book of Esther. In brief, the story of Purim is about the Queen Esther, who hid her Jewish identity to become queen but, with the announcement of a Jewish extermination in her kingdom, realized the only way to save her people was to reveal her true identity.  When Esther confessed to the king and begged him to save her people, he became outraged to find out that his court wanted to kill the queen and the extermination never occurred.  Esther was able to save her people by finally showing her true self to her community and to those she loved.

The story of Purim is one that resonates for many in the Jewish LGBT community for the beautiful story it paints of the benefits one can reap through fully embracing one’s identity. Coming out and standing up for yourself and other’s going through struggles can create beautiful and positive benefits, such as a new support system and a more robust understanding of who one is. The LGBT community needs all us, both LGBT and ally, to emulate the heroism of Esther – be the Queen, be proud.

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