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The North Fork, great vines, great supporters… of marriage equality.

This post comes from Lisa Votino-Tarrant, one of HRC’s field organizers on Long Island working to pass marriage equality.

The North Fork of Long Island is becoming more well-known for their amazing wineries. So we headed out east to see if businesses on the North Fork supported marriage equality. Adrian and I had the privilege of spending a beautiful day among farms, mom & pop shops and hundreds of acres of vineyards.

Not only are the wines very tasty, but the North Fork was more than supportive. Many of the wineries told us stories of the wedding receptions they have had for LGBT couples and how they can’t wait for marriage equality to pass in their own state of New York. In fact that seemed to be a theme during the day. No matter what type of business we visited, each was just as supportive as the last. If marriage equality is good for business, it is good for New York!

There is still time for your business to become a marriage equality supporter. Contact Adrian Matanza at

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