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The Loss of a Friend and Ally in Arizona

Years ago, when I worked for the Arizona Democratic Party, I had the pleasure to work with Bob Bland.  He was the Chair of the Cochise County Democratic Party and I managed the party’s training and development operations.  My role took me to Cochise County and Bisbee on more than one occasion, and whenever I needed a go-to person on the ground, Bob was always available.

Of course, I remember all the work related projects that we tackled together, but more than that, I remember him talking to me about Bisbee and the Pride celebration there.  Bob’s love for Bisbee was unparalleled, and the emotion with which he spoke about his adopted town was infectious.  I only regret that I never took Bob up on his offer to come to Bisbee Pride and celebrate with him in the place he loved so much.

Most folks don’t know about this little progressive haven smack dab in the southeastern corner or Arizona, but Bob knew he found the place for him – and he never hesitated to share its gay-friendly atmosphere with anyone and everyone he talked to.  To read more about Bob’s passing, and his love for politics and Arizona, click here.

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