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The Grassroots Keep Growing!

This post comes from HRC Minnesota Political Consultant Leah Solo.

Saturday morning, 9:45am, a big room with tables and chairs, sign in sheets, and a few staffers and lead volunteers putting the finishing touches on a training. It’s the moment just before the volunteer attendees start showing up and it is usually filled with anxiety and excitement.

We’ve done this a thousand times. But the excitement that I felt on Oct. 3 was unique.

Michelle Dibblee, Field Organizer for Minnesotans United for All Families, and I were in Duluth, a city of a little less than 100,000 located at the westernmost tip of Lake Superior. We were leading one of the first Community Action Trainings that will guide our volunteers in the campaign against the anti-marriage amendment on the 2012 Minnesota Ballot.

The local Duluth organization had already done a lot of work, hosting events, recruiting volunteers, building organization. Now they were working in partnership with us to train their volunteers to the next level.

 Together, we had thought through and revised the agenda, and trained local lead volunteers. The coffee was hot and the donuts were set out. We had a good feeling and were just waiting for the volunteers to arrive.

So in that moment, as the first few volunteers show up, we ask ourselves, “Is this really going to go well?”

The answer in Duluth was a resounding yes!

Over 70 people showed up that morning in Duluth. By the end of the training, each person had thought about their story, how they would talk to their friends and family about their opposition to the anti-marriage amendment.  To wrap up the training, everyone made a phone call to a friend to invite them to the next event in Duluth. The volunteers and staff left the training with a positive feeling and with a plan to get to work.

With volunteers like we have in Duluth, there is no telling how large this campaign will get! 

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