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The Go-Go’s Got the Beat for Equality

Post submitted by Shane Martin, HRC San Francisco Action Center and Store General Manager

Today, all-female American rock band The Go-Go' -- perhaps best known for the hit "We Got the Beat" -- added their support of LGBT equality as part of HRC's Equality Rocks campaign. The Go-Go's join a growing list of musicians standing with the Human Rights Campaign on the right side of history.

"Music truly is the great equalizer as we all have a living soundtrack in our heads; songs that make us joyful, laugh, cry, scream and remember," said lead vocalist for the band Belinda Carlisle. "Equality, does indeed, rock and our wish is that all of us shall live fully and equally."

The Equality Rocks campaign is sparking a conversation about love, fairness and equality across the country. To join in, visit or snag your own Equality Rocks T-shirt here.

And for more from the artists who rock for equality, including Phoenix, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, CSS, Florence and the Machine and SOJA, follow HRC on Spotify now.


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