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“The Gay Agenda” Touring Bible Belt

The grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts is touring his show, “The Gay Agenda,” across the Bible Belt.

The show profiles Randy Roberts Potts and his fiancée Keaton Johhnson engaging in routine domestic activities, watching television, cooking dinner, reading and more.

Potts told CNN he hopes his tour will illuminate the normality of the lives of gay couples.

“Hopefully when we leave each tour there will be a new visual of what it means to be gay, which is what it means to be human. To just enjoy each other’s company in your home,” Potts said in an interview with CNN.

When pressed on his relationship with his famous televangelist grandfather, Potts said Roberts was “loving” and never brought up his sexual orientation.

“That to me was really comforting. We didn’t have to talk about it.”

Watch the interview in its entirety below.

Check out “The Gay Agenda” promotional video here:

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