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The Families Missing from NOM’s Latest Video

NOM exposedPost by Rohmteen Mokhtari, Former HRC Coordinator, Family Project

NOM is at it again. This time they’ve released a video that, among other things, equates marriage equality with incest and pedophilia.

The video includes many of the mischaracterizations we’ve come to expect from NOM (now with fancy visuals!), but what I find most interesting is what it doesn’t include: gay and lesbian families.

In the video a narrator considers the benefits of opposite-sex and same-sex marriage. Opposite-sex marriage “creates children,” “protects women” and “civilizes men.”

And then there are the benefits of same-sex marriage. Except the narrator apparently can’t think of any… so instead we hear crickets chirping.

Eventually she concludes that “(opposite-sex marriage) centers on bringing up the next generation, on raising children to become good citizens. Same-sex marriage merely validates sex partners.”

It occurs to me that perhaps a few of the nearly 250,000 children being raised by same-sex couples could help her out on this one.

Perhaps they could explain to her why their parents, the people who provide them with unconditional love and support every day, are more than just “sex partners.”

Perhaps they could think of a reason why recognizing their parents’ commitment to love and care for each other is a good thing.

Perhaps they could speak to what social scientists and child welfare experts established years ago, that same-sex couples are just as capable of “raising children to become good citizens” as opposite-sex couples.

Or perhaps they could point out that delegitimizing their families and equating their parents’ love and commitment with incest and pedophilia is demeaning and hurtful.

Using debunked pseudoscience, NOM frequently tries to makes the case that marriage equality hurts children. And while you won’t find them in NOM’s latest video, I can think of about 250,000 problems with that argument.

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