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The Burnt Orange Nation Plays Host to HRC Equality Bus

Today the Road to Equality came to the University of Texas. We were on Speedway plaza, a bustling thoroughfare for Longhorn pedestrians & cyclists (plus random delivery vehicles). Considering there are 51k enrolled at UT, I really do mean bustling. Austin was Texas-sized hot today w/highs in the 90’s and a cloudless sky but that only made the Amy’s Ice Cream we were giving away that much more refreshing. It was great to see so many supporters of all stripes out today – from the ones who knew we would be there to those who just happened to wander by. We had great conversations about ending bullying and the chance to show off HRC’s foundation programs. The Queer Students Alliance was invaluable and great to work with on the whole UT gig. (The QSA has an adorable puppy mascot, also)

I left the bus a bit early to head to a workshop I was presenting on campus – Equality Talks. The QSA had organized some workshops on social justice issues & intersectionality. The folks at the workshop were very patient — I may have gotten lost trying to find the building — and very engaged once we started. A big howdy to Ixchel and Shane from the Gender and Sexuality Center for visiting. So nice to see you both!

Thank you UT and the burnt orange nation – y’all were good hosts. I hope to meet many more of you tomorrow at Pride – come on by and meet Hudson Taylor, founder of Athlete Ally. If you don’t see me at the HRC booths/bus in the festival I am probably at Amy’s Ice Cream!


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