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Thanks a Million!

This post comes from Lindsey Twombly, HRC's associate director of social media & online mobilization:

I must confess. I stayed up late. I counted down…3…2…1! 

One million Facebook followers, that is.

I was there when our Facebook page was first published, as we received our first likes, and I am so proud to watch as we passed 1,000,000 likes.

HRC’s Facebook followers are more than just a bunch of "likes."  I’ve watched them share the latest equality news, donate Facebook statuses, send emails and make calls to their legislators, sport HRC gear, and even become HRC members. They are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals who recognize the blue & yellow equal sign as a symbol of equality. They are straight allies who come out by the tens of thousands in support.

HRC’s Facebook page also provides a community to those who may live in an area where equality-minded people seem few and far between. In 2011, at a pride festival in Eastern Washington state, I met a young woman from Idaho who recognized HRC’s logo from Facebook. She talked about living in a small town with no support, but looked to HRC’s Facebook page for the latest news and signs of hope in the equality movement.

One million "likes" represent 1 million people who stand for equality, and I want to thank each of them. We’ve only just started, and I can’t wait to watch the counter roll passed 2,000,000.


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