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Texas Principal Shutters Cosmetology School After Gay Student Enrolls

Post submitted by Matthew Aycock, HRC Youth & Campus Outreach intern

The principal of a Beaumont, Texas trade school has reportedly suspended its decade-old cosmetology program in order to prevent a “flamboyantly gay” student from enrolling. 

According to The Examiner, Thomas Amons of the Beaumont Independent School District met the student at an open house on Sept. 10 and, upon perceiving the student to be gay, ordered instructor Cequada Clark to dismiss the student. 

Clark refused, however, and when the school’s legal counsel informed Amons that it was illegal to ban students on the basis of sexual orientation, he decided to shutter the program altogether—firing Clark and hanging the program’s other students out to dry, many of whom were only one course short of graduating. 

Adding insult to injury, the student in question is now seeking therapy after Amons publicly outed him.

A Sept. 14 announcement on the BISD website chalked up the course’s cancellation to budgetary constraints, but Ms. Clark and the concerned citizens of Beaumont aren’t buying it, calling for a formal apology to the student and a reinstatement of Clark as head of the cosmetology program.

H/T The Examiner

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