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Texas Pastor Advocates in Uganda for “Kill the Gays” Bill

​Post submitted by Charlie Joughin, HRC Press Secretary

Recently David Dykes, a pastor from Tyler, TX, traveled to Uganda to advocate for the infamous “Kill the Gays” legislation, which would make being gay a crime punishable by death or life imprisonment in some cases.

While in Uganda, Dykes was featured on the country’s largest independent TV station, saying:

"I’m extremely upset that our state department is putting pressure on Uganda to recognize homosexual behavior. And I’m praying that Uganda will say, 'We don’t want your money, America. It is blood money. It is sin money.'"

Upon returning home to the Texas, Dykes tried to distance himself from his comments after receiving unwanted media attention here in the United States.

Dykes is one of several extremists hijacking religion and using it as a weapon against LGBT people. Chief among them is Scott Lively, an American “pastor” who has spent years advocating for archaic and despicable anti-LGBT laws and policies in Uganda and around the world. His fringe views, which include blaming the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide on gay people, are rejected by reasonably-thinking Americans.

Thankfully, the Ugandan Parliament has adjourned until February, so the legislation has been tabled for the time being.  Unfortunately, the Parliament speaker has been a vocal supporter of the bill. 

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