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Texas House to Consider Defunding LGBT Campus Resource Centers Statewide

Texas FlagThe Texas House of Representatives will consider a state budget amendment defunding all LGBT campus resource centers.

The vote come on the heels of Texas A&M University’s Student Senate’s approval of a measure that will allow students to deny campus funding to LGBT groups if they have religious objections.

The measure, formerly known as the GLBT Funding Opt Out Bill, passed 35 to 28 last night. The bill was renamed just 24 hours before the vote to The Religious Funding Exemption Bill, according to the Dallas Voice.

Republican State Rep. Bill Zedler sponsored the state measure the House of Representatives is currently considering. According to Salon, Zedler supported the amendment on the false pretense that LGBT campus centers encourage “high risk behavior for AIDS, HIV Hepatitis B and any sexually transmitted disease.

The House could vote on the measure as early as today.

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