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Texas Company Runs Hate Ad Against HRC

An HRC supporter in Texas flagged this ad for us, which ran this week in the Lakelander in Whitney. The ad – “How Can We Stop Perversion?” – blasts HRC’s work and was paid for by a Hillsboro-based auctioneering and farm equipment company. Check out a picture of the ad or read the full text:

How Can We Stop Perversion?

Periodically, ads are run listing companies to boycott because of their support of perversion.

You can affect these companies bottom line by doing business with someone else.

The Human Rights Campaign is a group supporting perversion. They use the equal sign – as their trademark, if you see this sign on a vehicle, they are supporting the homosexual agenda which includes:

1.       Marriage between Adam & Steve

2.       Getting into our schools to teach students that perversion is normal

3.       Getting businesses to support their immoral lifestyle

We can provide you a list of companies to boycott. Call 254-582-3000 or email

Pray that these people will repent and receive Christ as Savior.

The Lakelander confirmed the ad ran on August 10. According to the website of the ad’s sponsor, Kaddatz Equipment, they are a Christian company that tries their “best to model ourselves and our business on Christian values.”

It’s unclear why an auctioneering and farm equipment company has taken such a vested interest in promoting lies about equality.

What you can do to counter their vitriol is get involved – join your local Texas steering committee or look for how HRC is active in your community if you’re outside Texas. Engaging locally is the best way to advance equality and push back against the hate spread by Kaddatz Equipment and others. Sign up for updates from HRC’s Call it Out campaign, so you can get involved whenever incidents of homophobia or transphobia occur. And visit our Take Action page to see the latest ways you can make sure your voice is heard and help advance equality.

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