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Texas A&M Rejects Bill for LGBT Student Group Discrimination

Texas Flag​Post submitted by Charlie Joughin, HRC Press Secretary

Today HRC praised the decision of Texas A&M Student Body President John L. Claybrook to veto a bill that would have allowed discrimination against on-campus LGBT organizations.  The proposal would have allowed students to opt-out of activity fees being directed toward the campus LGBT resource center.  The move comes after an amendment was withdrawn in the Texas legislature that would have prohibited funding to universities to “support, promote, or encourage any behavior that would lead to high risk behavior for AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, or any sexually transmitted disease.”
"Discrimination has no place in our country and certainly not in an institution of higher learning," said HRC President Chad Griffin. "Even in a conservative state like Texas, people understand the message we send to youth should be welcoming and affirming, not exclusionary."
"Campus resource centers like the one at Texas A&M are vital to providing a safe and comfortable place for young people to be themselves and reach their fullest potential," said HRC Youth & Campus Program Director Sultan Shakir. "At a time in life when many are finding themselves, we need to do more to create an atmosphere of inclusion, not weaken the institutions that make a real difference in people's lives."

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