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Texans to Gov. Perry: Don’t Mess with Texas

On the eve of Governor Rick Perry’s anti-gay, Christian-only day of prayer, HRC joined with a wide range of other organizations in calling on the Governor to stop blurring the line between Church and state, and not allow his fringe partners to hijack the messaging of faith whose people, by and large, support equality for LGBT Americans.

In a statement, HRC Religion and Faith Program Director Sharon Groves said:

“The Response” is a blatant hijacking of religion – despite polling that shows 85 percent of people of faith believe LGBT Americans deserve equality. These are fringe leaders using the mantle of Christianity to cloak their anti-gay activities. It is entirely unacceptable for a governor to work with those who have contributed to the frenzy of support for Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” legislation; who associate homosexuality with Nazism; who equate marriage equality with the ‘end times;’ and who work tirelessly to spread vicious lies about gay people that contribute to incidents of homophobia.

At a press conference today across the street from Reliant Stadium, where tomorrow’s day of prayer takes place, other groups including the ACLU of Texas, Family Faith Freedom and Americans United lent their voices to the growing number speaking out.

The Rev. Barry Lynn, with Americans United, said: “Unlike some of the organizers of Gov. Perry’s prayer rally, I do not believe our nation is under a “curse” because we welcome non-Christians and gay people to full rights and citizenship. I don’t believe the Statue of Liberty is a “demon idol” given to us by French Freemasons…I don’t believe God punishes people with bad weather. However, some of his co-sponsors do.”

If you’re in Houston this weekend, there are still ways you can participate:

  • Tonight, Family Faith Freedom is hosting a community event at Mount Ararat Baptist Church (5801 W Montgomery Rd., Houston, TX 77091) from 7-9pm. The gathering will feature the Revs. William Lawson and Barry Lynn.
  • There’s a rally tonight in downtown Houston for LGBT Texans and their allies to stand up and speak out against hate. RSVP on Facebook:
  • Tomorrow is the event itself – The Response at Reliant Stadium, from 10am-5pm. If you’re interested in checking it out, be sure to register: (Yes, an AFA URL)

Check in the days following The Response for the latest video and blog entries from the event


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