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145,000 E-mails Urge Oklahoma Leaders to Tell Sally Kern Her Bigotry is Unacceptable

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

In the past eight hours alone, HRC members and supporters have generated 145,000 emails to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and state legislative leaders calling on them to denounce State Rep. Sally Kern’s dangerous anti-LGBT remarks. In a recent interview with the hate group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Kern said young people learn that homosexuality is “normal and natural” because they’re “bombarded” with it every day. As a result, Kern claims, homosexuality presents a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism. She also implied gay Americans were responsible for the HIV/AIDS crisis. Join those already taking action now.

This isn’t the first time Kern has attacked gay Americans. In 2008, she was caught on tape making similar comparisons to homosexuality and terrorism, and also said: “No society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted for more than, you know, a few decades.” In the same speech, Kern said “What’s happening now is they’re going after, in schools, two-year-olds.” In her new book, Kern says she is standing tall in the face of “angry homosexuals” who speak out against her extremism.
Kern’s remarks come as a number of extremist political figures and candidates adopt anti-gay messaging. HRC is tracking these activities through its Call it Out campaign – such as presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann supporting the scientifically rejected “reparative therapy” and likening being gay to “Satan;” or Texas Governor Rick Perry partnering with some of the nation’s leading anti-gay groups in a Christian-only day of prayer. As Election Day 2012 draws nearer, HRC will continue exposing the false and dangerous rhetoric of those like Kern, Bachmann and Perry.

HRC is calling on its members and supporters to keep the pressure up on Governor Fallin and the state’s legislative leaders, and to rally  friends and family to join in taking action.  For the latest, visit

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