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Tell Dr. Keith Ablow: You’re Spreading Dangerous Lies about Transgender Americans

Recently, Dr. Keith Ablow – a member of the FOX News “Medical A-Team” and a psychiatrist – published an opinion piece urging parents not to allow their children to watch episodes of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” that feature transgender man Chaz Bono.  This is the same medical professional who, earlier this year, warned that a J. Crew ad featuring a mother painting her son’s toenails would “throw our species into real psychological turmoil.”

In his article, Dr. Ablow claims Bono’s presence on the show will influence “tomboyish girls” or “less stereotypically ‘masculine’ boys” to believe they are transgender. He goes on to say the message Bono sends is “very nearly insane. It’s a psychologically destructive myth and can erode our children’s evolving senses of self.”

Despite the fact that the American Medical Association – a leading nationwide medical organization – has deemed the transition process to be medically necessary and effective, Dr. Ablow compares it to ‘a woman who believes she will be happier without arms [who] has them removed.’

Dr. Ablow goes on to claim that, had Bono come to him for help, he would have “been relentless” in his attempts to compel Chaz to accept his assigned gender and would have “pried loose every family secret hidden by the Bonos.”

This type of rhetoric is dangerous and trivializes the struggles millions of Americans face as they come to terms with their gender identity. Dr. Ablow’s suggested “treatment” options are akin to scientifically rejected “reparative” or “conversion” therapy treatments. Take action now and tell Dr. Ablow he’s using his medical platform irresponsibly.  And check out resources, toolkits and FAQ for those struggling with issues of gender identity or going through transition, as well as additional information for family members and loved ones.

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