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Take Action to Help LGBT Ugandans

Uganda Embassy Protest 019As we've reported earlier, a bill in the Ugandan legislature would make some homosexual acts punishable by death and failure to report them punishable by jail time.  It all stated last March when three American right-wing extremists, posing as "experts" on homosexuality, led a conference in Uganda where they claimed that gay men prey upon teenagers, that there is a gay agenda to destroy families, and that gay people can and should be changed to straight.  You can read more about it via the excellent coverage on the blog Box Turtle Bulletin. Though the three extremists have tried to distance themselves from this homicidal bill, they can't. They spread lies, posing as "experts," then urged that LGBT people be treated differently based on those lies. That's fomenting hatred – pure and simple. President Obama has already denounced the law in a written statement. But given the incredible danger that LGBT Ugandans are facing, we must urge him to do more. We also must send a clear message to Uganda's President: if this bill becomes law, it will have a chilling effect on both human rights and the relationship between our countries. The next step is a strong, unified effort by Congress to demand decisive action. Write Congress today and urge them to stop Uganda from passing a mass death sentence for its LGBT citizens. James Nsaba Buturo, Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity, had this to say about the bill: "Homosexuals can forget about human rights." Please stand up for our brothers and sisters in Uganda at this critical moment.

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