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Take Action: Tell Your Lawmakers to Repeal DOMA Now

Why are John Boehner and his anti-LGBT friends in the House Republican leadership wasting time and taxpayer money with a ridiculous plan to keep DOMA on the books when the American people clearly want it gone? Boehner and other Republican leaders have said time and time again that their focus is on jobs and the economy. That message resonated during election season with fair-minded Americans who are struggling to get by. They didn't elect Republicans to continue with their outdated and divisive ways of the past. They believe in equality. Take a look at the poll HRC released earlier this week, showing voters oppose the Republican defense of DOMA. In the wake of this new poll, bills were filed in the House and Senate this week to repeal DOMA and end federal discrimination against legally married same-sex couples.  Now is the time to take action.  Click here to tell your lawmaker to repeal DOMA now.

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