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Take Action: Call Out Anti-Gay Ads in NY State Senate Race

We told you yesterday about some bizarre and offensive mailers hitting several state Senate races in New York – just days before the primary. The targets are three Republican state Senators who voted for marriage equality in 2011.

The ads are in poor taste and don’t reflect the important issues New Yorkers are looking to Albany for action on. One ad in particular targets New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich, blasting him for everything from daring to have dinner with fellow councilmember who happens to be gay, to appointing a gay chief of staff, to voting for marriage equality. His opponent, Juan Reyes, is behind the anti-gay piece.

Take action now – tell Juan Reyes that these types of tactics are offensive and in extremely poor taste.

Ten years ago, anti-equality candidates would have made these attacks the centerpiece of their campaigns. Today, they're trying to mask their hate by waiting until the last minute before Election Day to send these mailers out.

With marriage on the ballot all across the country this year, we need to stand up for pro-equality candidates and decency in campaigns everywhere. Denounce these negative tactics today send a letter to Ulrich's primary opponent, Juan Reyes, now.

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