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Surging Grassroots Support As New Hampshire Marriage Vote Comes Down to the Wire

New Hampshire marriage equality; Same-sex marriageThe following post comes from Trevor Chandler, HRC Regional Field Organizer:

It’s been an intense few weeks on the campaign to maintain marriage equality here in the Granite State.  We’ve been on high alert since we heard there may be a vote any week and have been keeping up the pressure, making sure each and every one of those representatives still on the fence hears from his or her constituents that they are one of the 62 percent of New Hampshire voters who oppose any repeal of marriage equality. We’ve been getting an incredible response with thousands of Granite Staters calling, writing, and e-mailing their legislators.

But none of it would be possible without the outstanding volunteers committing hundreds of hours of their own time defending marriage equality with our coalition partners at Standing Up for New Hampshire Families. Volunteers like Jess Steever, who comes in every week to make phone calls and inspires other volunteers with her positive and determined attitude. Jess recently said: “By volunteering at Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, I know that I am a productive force on the right side of history, and I would urge any and all supporters of equality to take this chance to show, as we have done before, that what New Hampshire wants is to protect marriage equality for all of its citizens.”

And Jess’ attitude is contagious. We’ve had some of our largest phone banks of the campaign these past couple of weeks with even more new faces coming in and pledging to fight back against the fringe anti-gay groups coming into the state, like the so-called National Organization for Marriage.

We’re going to be here on the ground fighting back right up to the vote, and with people like Jess, and all our dedicated volunteers, we will mobilize the overwhelming majority of Granite Staters who agree with us to speak out.

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