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Support New Guidelines to Reduce Sexual Abuse in Detention

Currently, the Department of Justice is seeking public comment on national standards to reduce sexual abuse in correctional facilities. These proposed standards, along with an extensive report on sexual abuse in America’s prisons and other facilities, are the product of several years of work by a bipartisan body, the Prison Rape Elimination Commission, created by Congress in 2003 to assess this issue. With the comment period ending on Monday, May 10, it is crucial for allies to act now. LGBT people are frequent targets for this sort of abuse in jails, prisons and other correctional facilities, and it is important for our community that better standards be put in place to prevent it. For more information on how this issue impacts LGBT people, check out this fact-sheet [PDF] from Just Detention International (JDI), a group dedicated to ending sexual abuse in detention. HRC has joined forces with a number of organizations, led by JDI, in support of these new national standards. Please take a moment to sign this electronic petition, submitting your comment in support of the adoption of the new national standards on sexual abuse in detention. You can also read HRC’s organizational comments in support of the proposed standards here [pdf].

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