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Support Martha Coakley in Mass. Senate Race Today

As we reported last week, Democratic Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley is in a tight race against Scott Brown to succeed the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.  The latest polling shows the race is very close and Coakley supporters need to get out to the polls. If you live in Massachusetts, make sure you VOTE FOR COAKLEY in today's special election.  The campaign could also use volunteers to help get voters to the polls, phone bank, and other critical Get Out the Vote activities. The choice could not be more clear... Scott Brown boasts on his campaign website about his opposition to marriage equality.  Martha Coakley on the other hand has a stellar record in favor of LGBT equality. As she says on her website, she wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act; end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; combat hate crimes; and pass other strong equality measures. Putting her words into action as the Commonwealth’s Attorney General, she filed a legal challenge to DOMA and fought to extend anti-discrimination laws to include gender identity and expression. Just this weekend, the National Organization for Marriage put it's weight and money behind Brown, blanketing the state with "robocalls" wrongly characterizing Coakley as a "radical" because she believes in equality for same-sex couples. Go to right now and get involved.  If you live outside of Massachusetts, make sure everyone you know in the Bay State is voting and active today.

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