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Students Win Journalism Award for Defense of LGBT Voices

This post comes from HRC Communications Intern Nick Gumas:

Student journalists at Louisville, Kentucky’s duPont Manual High are the recipients of the 2012 Courage in Student Journalism Award. The students decided to start an independent newspaper after their school’s administration requested that they did not discuss homosexuality or atheism in the school’s existing publication. 

The new independent newspaper, The Red Pen, has refused to shy away from controversial topics such as homosexuality and transgender issues. Student Press Law Center ExecutiveDirector, Frank D. LoMonte, lauded The Red Pen as “simply one of the highest quality ‘underground’ publications you will ever see.” The publication promises to uphold a mission that states that “in the interest of democracy and honest expression, responsible students ought to have a voice unrestricted by external control.”

The journalism award, which is co-sponsored by the Student Press Law Center, the National Scholastic Press Association, and the Center for Scholastic Journalism at Kent State University, seeks to award those who vigorously and courageously defend the freedom of the press.

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