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Student Organizing in Upstate New York for ENDA

This post comes from Tyler Sliker -- secretary of SUNY Potsdam’s Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Association:


Since February 15, my group and I have been working diligently in upstate New York to get letters of support for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act urging our Members of Congress to become co-sponsors of the bill.  After attending an ENDA rally on February 6, where I met David Turley from the Human Rights Campaign, I’ve been working very hard with his guidance to ultimately get 231 letters potsdam3of support from students and faculty at my college along with letters from business owners from the Potsdam community.  We collected most of our letters through action tables we manned all around campus with information on ENDA, sample letters to Congress and HRC gear.  Our ENDA action week lasted from February 15 - 19. On February 20, we moved to the streets of Potsdam where we went to business owners informing them of the current status of legislation and asking for their support of ENDA. Working so closely with the Human Rights Campaign has been a great experience, with David always eager to help in any way he can. Tomorrow we meet with Congressman Owens to ask him to be a co-sponsor of an inclusive ENDA. I'm optimistic that it will turn out to be a productive meeting.

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