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Stories of Love: Meg & Machin, Sean & Ryan

HRC's new project, Share Your Love, launched just a few days ago, and we're already receiving some wonderful stories and photos.

The interactive photo site celebrates the relationships of pro-equality LGBT and ally couples and friends.

Read about Meg & Machin and Sean & Ryan, two couples who shared their stories and photos with us. Then head over to Share Your Love to read more - and find out how to Share Your Love with us as well!

Meg & Machin

Minnesota meets Alabama; playwright meets soldier; black meets powdered creamer. These are just a few of the unlikely combinations that make up our crazy love. We met under the most tragic circumstances--the loss of a friend--but know that the love we share and the message we spread just by being who we are is paying it forward.

We finish each other’s sentences, argue over who took out the compost last, and spoil our dogs. We are going to make our 2010 Texas ceremony legal in Vermont this summer, and have big plans for the rest of our lives.

Sean & Ryan

We met in junior high band back in 1993. I found Ryan to be a bit annoying actually, and we "tolerated" one another throughout high school. In 1998, during our senior year of high school, a spark ignited between us, forever changing us both for the better. We fell in love, and Ryan even transferred to the University of Missouri to be with me. Fast forward 12 years, we are now happily married and looking forward to raising a family together. Life is very, very good!


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