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Stories of Love: Jolie & Natalie; Rey & Eliazar

The following post comes from HRC Digital Media Intern Eric Cameron:

Hilarious and heartwarming. Unexpected and inspiring. The submissions to HRC’s Share Your Love project continue to prove that love is triumphant, even in the face of major adversity.

Read the stories of Rey & Eliazar and Jolie & Natalie, two couples who moved us with their strength of love. And if you haven’t already, please share your own story on our interactive site. Many thanks to the hundreds of couples who have already submitted!

Rey & Eliazar

Growing up in a world of music, noise and sounds, I had no idea where my love life would end up taking me. Little did I know cupid had his arrows ready, aimed and with our names on them. His name is Eliazar. He is completely deaf, and with a lot of patience, love and determination he taught me sign language and welcomed me into his life and his world. We've been together now for 2 years and still going strong. We'll soon be starting a new life in California, and he is everything I could ask for.

Jolie & Natalie

When I met Natalie I was a single father. She was quick to accept my kids; that is not the only thing Natalie has come to accept. I had a secret when we met that I was scared to share with anyone. My name was Joseph when we first got together, but Jolie was who I was. Now that she knows the real me, we have found real love. I am blessed to be married to a woman who knows what true love is!

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