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Stories of Love: Derek & Kyle, Amanda & Michelle

Looking for romantic inspiration for Valentine's Day? Check out our new Share Your Love project.

It features stories and photos of couples like Derek & Kyle and Ashley & Will. Call us sappy, but it’s really hard to read these stories without smiling and saying, “Awww!”

So after you’ve read about today’s featured couples, head on over to Share Your Love, which celebrates the relationships of pro-equality LGBT and ally couples and friends.

Submit your story and photo today!

Derek & Kyle

Derek and I met at an OutServe coffee night in BAF, Afghanistan. I'm in the Navy and Derek is in the Air Force. I was traveling through for R&R when we met. We made friends in person and on Facebook, we talked every day that we possibly could. And then the inevitable happened - Derek redeployed back to the States, but we kept talking as much as we could. After I finally redeployed a month later, we got together as a couple. We are still long distance, but we work through every day until we can finally be together for good!

Amanda & Michelle

It was the Tweet of a lifetime. That cute girl I was following -- and deeply admiring -- innocently Tweeted something I replied to one rainy night last July, and it's been pure bliss ever since. We bring out the things in each other we had previously been afraid of but now outwardly show with pride, and it gets stronger everyday. I look at her and think, "How did I ever get so lucky??" She makes me laugh and smile, and when I look into the future, I'm not afraid anymore because I know we'll be hand in hand.

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