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Stories of Love: Colby & Matt; Dianna & Stephanie

LGBT and ally couples from all over the world have been sending in their stories and photos for our Share Your Love project. It’s really been amazing to read about all of the different ways they met and the moments when they first knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. Their stories are unique, but the common theme is the love they share with each other.

Read more about today’s featured couples below, and then head on over to the Share Your Love site to submit your story and photo today!

Dianna & Stephanie

Nineteen years ago we were high school friends; we had English class together. I remember Stephanie standing out in a crowd, being the class clown. Two months ago, my friend asked me if I wanted to go on a blind date with a girl my age and - lo and behold - 19 years later, the class clown and I meet again. I immediately fell in love with Stephanie, and we can't wait to marry and start a family. Who knew that girl sitting in my English class 19 years ago would be my soulmate and future wife?

Colby & Matt

We met five years ago. Our first date ended up lasting three days, and it was simple - we just talked and talked and talked. We went to the lake, the zoo, shopping, out with friends and to the beach. The one constant from that weekend and the past five years is that we never struggled with communicating. It came to us naturally.

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