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Stories of Love: Cara & Kerrie; Gilbert & Jesus

Cara & KerrieHappy Valentine’s Day! Did you wait too long to make a dinner reservation? Did you search high and low for the perfect gift, only to find that chocolate, roses, etc., don’t quite convey your message of love?

Read about Cara & Kerrie and Gilbert & Jesus – they chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day by submitting their stories to HRC’s Share Your Love project. When you’re done reading, head on over to the site to read more stories – and share your own!

Cara & Kerrie

Kerrie and I met in high school 17 years ago. Our love and friendship has withstood time, distance, and the process of simply growing up and becoming who you are. There's a reason that some people come and go in your life and some people fight to stay there. I'm so happy to have Kerrie standing by my side, holding my hand. Here's to another 17 years - and then some.

Gilbert & JesusGilbert & Jesus

A year and a half ago, a former Marine and a talented singer went to the Disneyland Gay Days. Little did we know we would each find our prince in one another. I came from San Diego and Jesus from San Francisco. We randomly started talking at the hotel pool. We were instantly drawn together, and though we have been separated by distance, we have remained together. We travel many times a month to see each other and will soon be living together. We have truly lived a fairy tale relationship.

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