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Stop the Call to Violence in Uganda

uganda stop violenceRight wing fundamentalists are once again exporting hate and intolerance masked as religion to Uganda. The Call Uganda, led and fueled by American fundamentalist Lou Engle, is an anti-gay stadium event and all-day rally, scheduled for May 2nd in Kampala, Uganda. Faith leaders, including HRC’s Religion and Faith Program, have joined together to insist that we will not stand for the continual exportation of violence and hatred by fundamentalist preachers. Enough is enough. These incendiary actions, led by Lou Engle and others, put LGBT people, their families and allies in fear of their lives. Our religious traditions should not be used to promote hatred and violence around the globe. While such actions are a virtual death sentence to LGBT and allied people in Uganda, they also dishonor the core values of our rich, diverse U.S. faith traditions that ask us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Lou Engle is not being a good neighbor to Uganda and he and other fundamentalists who incite violence and hate must be called to account. For more information on the situation in Uganda and the response by pro-equality faith leaders, join Stop the Call to Violence in Uganda on Facebook.

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