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Stony Brook University’s Earthstock Goes Green and Equal!

The following post comes from one of HRC’s Campaign for New York Marriage intern, Michael Kamen.  Mike joins 15 organizers across the state working to make marriage equality a reality for all New Yorkers.

Last week, Stony Brook University hosted Earthstock, an Earth Day celebration highlighting eco-friendly organizations and products. I joined HRC field organizers in the festivities and added marriage equality to the list of social issues being addressed. The call for equality rang among dancing Aztecs, drum circles, and marching bands. The students of Stony Brook whipped out their pens and picked up their phones to let their state senators know it’s time to give equal rights to ALL New Yorkers including same-sex couples.

Make sure you lend your voice to the growing list of New Yorkers that support marriage equality. If you’re on Long Island and want to get involved, click here to send them a message.

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