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Status Update on Push for Marriage Equality in New York

The drama taking place in Albany these past few days surpasses anything I've ever seen on Broadway.

The good news I have to report to you is that the main question being asked is "when will it end?" and not "how will it end?"

As I reported a few days ago, collegial negotiations continue mainly between Governor Cuomo and Senate President Skelos. Since there may be minor changes made to the bill passed by the Assembly, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is also involved in the discussions. From all reports, negotiations on the Marriage Equality Act continue to appear going well and there appears to be continued positive momentum for the passage of a marriage equality bill in New York.

Regarding the delay in the actual vote, it remains the case that this delay is almost entirely due to the two non-marriage related issues still being debated -- rent regulation and property tax caps. Our lobby team has informed us that the votes could happen Thursday or even later.

HRC, along with the other groups that comprise New Yorkers United for Marriage, remain hard at work running a strategic, well-focused, and now tireless campaign:

  • We've brought several prominent New Yorkers to Albany over the past few days to lobby key Senators;
  • HRC played a leading role in staging an Albany rally that attracted over 500 people in less than 20 hours;
  • HRC continues to lead the field program in laser-like fashion, shifting resources swiftly in concert with the latest intel from our lobby team.

I am extremely proud of the unified campaign New Yorkers United for Marriage is running and am confident that when the curtain goes down on the drama in Albany, reporters will be writing about history being made in New York.

Until then, back to work.

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