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State Department Reports Detail Status of LGBT Human Rights Abroad

FlagThis morning, the State Department released its 2011 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, documenting the status of human rights in countries around the globe.  Consistent with the Department’s commitment to promoting LGBT human rights under Secretary Hillary Clinton’s leadership, this year’s reports again highlight both the significant challenges faced by LGBT people, and the signs of important progress, around the world.     

The reports make clear that, in many parts of the world, the situation for LGBT people remains very difficult.  For example, in Poland, 92 percent of hate crime incidents against LGBT individuals goes unreported to the police. And in Indonesia, NGOs have uncovered instances of transgender individuals facing discrimination in obtaining even the most basic, fundamental public services such as healthcare.  Fortunately, the reports also reflect progress in a number of countries.  The report on Cambodia describes how local businesses have worked with NGOs to host Pride festivals, and that there have been no reports of government discrimination based on sexual orientation in the areas of employment, education or healthcare.

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