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Speechless in Seattle

Post submitted by Adrian Matanza, Former HRC Regional Field Director

Yesterday, I witnessed history. Washington state Governor Chris Gregoire took a bold step in the right direction and endorsed marriage equality.

I've been on the ground in Washington since October and have seen the momentum grow. Being back in the Pacific Northwest after having spent several months here in 2009 working on the Approve Referendum 71 campaign has been amazing. We have a great team and fantastic volunteers working hard to making marriage equality a reality here this year.

The Approve 71 campaign was my first project with HRC and I am glad to be back in beautiful Washington. It’s also great to reconnect with folks from the past. Seeing Jana Simpson and her partner Nancy with their kids and how much this mean this them, makes it all worth it. Seeing couples like Jane and Pete-e, who have lived many years together as partners, make working day and night that much easier. Yesterday, after Governor Gregoire made her remarks, she came into the room where over 60 supporters and I were on-hand to hear her speech. I was lucky to share a quick hug with someone who is so courageous and can admit that she felt uncomfortable with her position on marriage equality in the past. Her words almost brought me to tears and I could not speak for a few moments, needing to appreciate the significance of a sitting Governor express her strong support for equal rights for all.

As Governor Gregoire mentioned, we have a lot of work to do. We need to make sure our legislators hear from us.  Join me and our team of organizers and volunteers to help make the case that marriage equality for ALL Washingtonians is the right thing to do. Email me at to get involved. Watch Governor Gregoire's full remarks.

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