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Social Justice and LGBT Equality

The following post comes from Religion & Faith Program Coordinator Joanna Blotner:

Rev. Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite, a founding member of HRC’s Religion Council, has a poignant analysis out of President Barak Obama’s support for marriage equality and the challenges of social justice in the twenty-first century. Since its inception, HRC’s Religion & Faith program has worked to bridge the gaps between LGBT equality, interfaith relations, racial justice, gender and gender identity wholeness and the broad panoply of social justice causes people of faith are called to address. Check out the words of Rev. Thistlethwaite:

As a straight, white ally of racial justice and LGBT equality in the 21st century, a key emphasis for me has to be on not taking the easy path of either/or. Another emphasis needs to be on not overlooking the obvious, as failing to recognize that President Obama’s evolution tracks other trends among African Americans instead of reading his response as a break with the African American community. His response is a break with some African Americans, but not with others…

…President Obama famously framed his support of marriage equality as a faith argument on the love of God and neighbor.

That’s a strong biblical argument for LGBT rights. But it is also a strong argument for maintaining mutuality with the African American struggle through their complexity of responses and not singling out the African American church for special criticism.

Read the full piece.

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