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Small Businesses Support ENDA in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Post submitted by James Rector and Shelena Williams, Arkansas ENDA organizers

Arkansas FieldOnly weeks away from the full Senate vote on the Employment Nondiscrimination Act,  ENDA organizers James Rector and Shelena Williams spent the afternoon canvassing in downtown Fayetteville, AR holding key discussions with local business owners about the American’s for Workplace Opportunity campaign and how they can express their support for ENDA.

It is small business owners who make up the very heart and fabric of the Fayetteville community, and nearly everyone we talked to was happy and eager to sign onto our small business letter of support.  It is through this sense of community and fairness for LGBT individuals that progress is being made in Arkansas. With 81% of Arkansans believing that federal laws are already in place to protect on the basis of sexual orientation and identity, identifying support from these small business owners is critical to ensuring that Senator Pryor understands the urgency and need for his favorable vote.
Join us to volunteer to help pass ENDA.  In NW Arkansas contact: or  In Central Arkansas contact:

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