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Big Shocker: Todd Akin is Backward on LGBT Equality, Too

Missouri flagPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Missouri GOP Congressman and Senate hopeful Todd Akin, who this weekend claimed that “legitimate rape” rarely led to pregnancy when discussing a woman’s right to choose, has an equally abysmal track record on issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality.

Akin has consistently scored a zero on HRC’s Congressional Scorecard – meaning he has worked against equality on every single issue that impacts an LGBT person’s livelihood. Akin rejects basic relationship recognition for same-sex couples. In fact, while arguing against relationship recognition in 2009, Rep. Akin argued that children not raised by one mother and one father were more likely to end up in jail. He went on to imply that embracing marriage equality threatened the long-term survival of our nation.

Akin also has led efforts to ban same-sex weddings from occurring on Department of Defense facilities – even in states where marriage equality is the law of the land. In pushing for the ban, Akin charged that allowing qualified individuals to serve openly in the military – and marry the person they loved – was evidence of a “liberal agenda” that had “infiltrated our military.”

Akin also has consistently voted against other critical protections for LGBT people, including the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and hate crimes protections. Learn more about Akin’s abysmal track record on issues of equality.

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