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For celebrants across the country the pride season is just beginning, but here at the Human Rights Campaign the pride team has been working for months to make this our biggest and best season yet! In 2011, HRC will be attending over 160 pride events across the country- more than double what we did in 2010! This year we want to share our pride with as many people in as many different communities as possible around the United States. That means we will be turning up at prides both big and small so look for the yellow banners at pride festivals throughout the season to come say hello and learn more about HRC’s role in the modern LGBT movement.

In addition to visiting more prides than ever in 2011, we want to use our expanded presence to connect local communities and pride celebrations together into a larger narrative of what pride really means to us both as a community and as individuals. Pride isn’t just about having fun, it’s about coming together to declare publically what makes the LGBT community and straight allies special, and why we are committed to the fight for full equality. We’ll be posting videos and stories from people around the country throughout the pride season to hear what pride means to each of us, and to see what pride looks like in all parts of the country. That’s why we’re calling on everybody to Share Your Pride! Send your pride pictures and stories all year long to or tweet them at #HRCPRIDE and we’ll post some of them on the pride site, and share some of the stories on this blog!

Since we’re asking you to share what pride means to you, it seems only fitting that we at HRC kick the conversation off with one of our favorite LGBT advocates and former HRC intern Mike Manning of “The Real World DC.” Mike will be working at the HRC booth at Long Beach Pride this weekend, May 21st and 22nd, from 10am to 11 pm, so be sure to visit us at the festival!

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