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Senator Mike Johanns:  Repeal DADT Now!

The following post comes from HRC's Cassie Fleming: Six Nebraska veterans visited Republican Sen. Mike Johanns' Omaha office early this week to let him know why they want to see "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repealed. They told Johanns' Director of Military Affairs their stories of serving in the military. They told the staff why this policy is outdated and discriminatory. They told the staff how this law hurts military readiness. The gay veterans told the staff how DADT compromised their ability to serve with honesty and intregrtiy and how they chose not to reenlist for fear of losing under DADT. The straight allies spoke about serving alongside gay and lesbian servicemembers, both before and after DADT was enacted, without issue or problem. To all of this, the director said the senator does not support the repeal of DADT this year. But the veterans did not let the meeting end there. They asked: "What are the Senator's objections?" And then they answered the director's questions. Many of the veterans had met with Sen. Johanns in Washington, D.C., as part of Veterans Lobby Day in May. Many of the veterans had met with Nebaska's Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson in Washington or his district offices. They all knew the reasons why DADT must be repealed this year. When they walked into Johanns' office, they made sure that his staff knew all of the reasons why this law must be repealed this year. And just as they did with Sen. Nelson, they made sure that this Nebraska senator knew that he, too, was going to be held accountable for his vote on DADT.

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