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Senate Committee Hearing on DADT Today; DC Rally at Noon

This morning the Senate Armed Services Committee will hold a hearing on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law, beginning around 10:00 am eastern.  You can watch the live stream via the committee website. Among those testifying at the hearing will be Michael Almy a former Major in the United States Air Force and Jenny Kopfstein, a former Lieutenant Junior Grade in the United States Navy. The best way to move members of Congress on DADT is to tell the stories of those who have lived and breathed it.  While these two veterans share their personal experiences under this failed law, there are a lot more stories to tell and we need to amplify their voices. That's why HRC launched an action alert that allows you to read stories of real veterans and chose one to send to your elected leaders.  Read the heart-wrenching stories of military heroes speaking out against DADT – and choose one to send to your lawmakers. Also if you're in DC today, join us for a rally at Freedom Plaza with veterans and entertainer Kathy Griffin at noon!

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