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Senate Armed Services Committee:  Don’t Accept Amendments that Delay or Distract from DADT Repeal

In an effort to delay repeal of DADT, House Republicans added a series of anti-LGBT amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The House passed the NDAA with the hostile amendments in late May. These hurtful and unnecessary amendments were blatant attempts to score cheap political points at the expense of our brave lesbian and gay soldiers.

Now the Senate Armed Services Committee has an opportunity keep these amendments from being part of the NDAA and to put repeal back on track.  As early as Wednesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee will begin consideration of the NDAA, which will ultimately decide the fate of these harmful amendments.

Today, HRC sent an email action alert to members and supporters in key states enlisting their help in defeating yet another Republican-born roadblock in the DADT repeal process.   This action alert urges HRC members and supporters from key states to contact their senators on this Committee and urge the senators to reject any amendment that would delay the repeal of DADT, or hurt our gay and lesbian troops.

Be sure to stay in touch with HRC BACK STORY for up-to-date information about the status of the hostile amendments.

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