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Sen. Hatch Backtracks on DADT Repeal

Those in favor of repealing the failed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law were heartened yesterday to see what appeared to be an open-minded Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, tell Andrea Mitchell that, "patriotic gay people who serve in the military... shouldn't have to lie about being gay."  Now the Salt Lake Tribune reports that a spokesperson is walking his comments back, saying the Senator meant "he is open to reviewing Mullen's report, but remains skeptical of fully integrating gays into the military." In a statement Hatch issued, he claimed that activists groups were “misconstruing my position.”  You be the judge, but the video speaks for itself. With former Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell joining Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen and President Obama in calling for repeal, the question remains for those opposed is, as HRC President Joe Solmonese put it yesterday, "what do you know about military effectiveness that General Powell, Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen and the Commander in Chief don’t know?" Do you live in Utah?  Visit our Voices of Honor Campaign website to tell Sen. Hatch that open service is good for our country.

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