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Secretary Sebelius Makes Commitment to Collection of LGBT Health Data

Today at a White House press conference, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told reporters that her department “fully intend[s] to collect LGBT data,” including on national health surveys.  It has been repeatedly demonstrated – including in a major LGBT health report issued just months ago by the Institute of Medicine – that LGBT people experience significant health disparities and that we cannot fully understand those disparities and how to address them until major health studies ask about our community.  HRC has urged HHS and the Obama Administration to take steps to collect data and address LGBT health disparities.  We have also lobbied Congress to call for, and fully fund the inclusion of LGBT questions in federal health surveys and programs.

Until we have the answers to many of these questions, LGBT people are truly at risk - simply because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.  We are grateful to Secretary Sebelius and the Obama Administration for their continued support of our community, and we hope that today's announcement will encourage a provocative and productive discussion of the issues that affect so many LGBT people in this country, and around the world.

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