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Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce Supports Marriage Equality

seattle chamberThis post comes from HRC Field Assistant Nick Martin:

The Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Referendum 74, which would uphold Washington State’s marriage equality law.  Seattle is now the fourth municipal chamber of commerce to have endorsed the referendum. The chamber adds to the already historic support for marriage equality from a strong and diverse business coalition, which includes Microsoft, Starbucks, Alcoa, and many others.

The announcement stated that marriage equality gives Washington businesses a competitive advantage when recruiting new employees and additionally simplifies the process of administering employee benefits.  It also highlighted a study by the Williams Institute at UCLA that expects $88 million to be added to the Washington economy as a result of the law.

Do you want to join the ever growing support for Ref 74? You can defend Washington’s landmark marriage equality bill from being rolled back by opponents in November. Donate now.

HRC is proud to have been a founding member of the campaign to pass marriage equality in Washington State, working side-by-side with state partners. You can sign up here to volunteer with HRC to help mobilize supporters of marriage equality in Washington. Learn more about the campaign to protect marriage equality here.

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